Media Ministry

Technology in the church has exploded into a genuine ministry in the last decade, and at Shiloh Baptist we are seeking to take advantage of technology to expand the reach of our worship, preaching, and teaching.
If you enjoy computers and technology, we have training available and many opportunities for you to serve.  Contact our Worship and Media Pastor for more information!
AUDIO TECHS work to refine our sound both in house as well as online.  We are preparing to deploy a new digital sound board in the immediate future and we employ computers, instruments, mics, and other inputs.
MEDIA TECHS use projection software to provide lyrics, scriptures, outlines, and a variety of other media to help make our worship and sermons easy to understand and follow.  We are constantly expanding in this area and recently added iMag and multiple display capabilities.
LIGHTING TECHS coordinate our lighting for worship services as well as musicals and dramas, helping the congregation to focus on the person or group delivering God’s Word through teaching, music, drama, and other means.  
VIDEO TECHS handle a dual-camera system and recording software to provide those not able to be present each week with a way to stay connected to the church family by watching recorded services on Facebook.  Using computer audio software our video techs are also able to adjust sound levels in the recording without having to go through the audio tech or change house audio settings.