Small Groups

About Our Groups

Our Small Group Bible Studies are from 9:00-10:00 on Sunday mornings. Bible Study groups are designed to help every person:

  1. Connect with other believers
  2. Grow in their walk with the Lord
  3. Learn and develop their gifts for service
  4. Equip every person to make disciples
We have a group for every age.



We strongly believe that children should be engaged with the Word of God from the moment that they can begin to communicate. Our preschool teachers find joy in sharing the love of God with young children.

Preschool children are taught in our nursery building located in the back of our campus. Teachers arrive at 9:00 am to give time for parents to drop of their children before attending their Small Group. The Nursery is also available for children (5 & under) during the Worship hour (10:30 am).


  • Birth-12 months – Nursery Room 1
  • 1-2 years old – Nursery Room 2
  • 3-4 years old – Nursery Room 5
  • Kindergarten – Nursery Room 4

For your child’s safety, we require every teacher to complete a background check form regularly.

Elementary Small Groups

Elementary Small Groups cover children from grade 1 to grade 6. Classrooms are located on the first floor of the Education Building. One way that this area can be accessed is by walking through the main portion of the Sanctuary toward the front and exiting through either door on the left/right side. Travel down the hallway and the single entrance to the Elementary Small Group area will be at the end of those halls.


  • 1st  & 2nd Grade (RM 117)
  • 3rd & 4th Grade (RM 118)
  • 5th Grade (RM 119)
  • 6th Grade (RM 111)

7th-12th Grade Students

Students who are in 7th-12th grade meet every Sunday morning at 9:00 am for a time of Bible Study at Shiloh Baptist Church. Once gathered, students then separate into Middle School and High School classes.

Classrooms are located on the second floor of the Old Sanctuary. Take any staircase and follow the hallway to the north end of the building.




  • College & Career – Room 220
  • Deaf Ministry – Room 209
  • Women I – Room 204
  • Women II – Room 206
  • Men – Room 213
  • Couples I – Room 203
  • Couples II – Room 108
  • Couples III – Room 218
  • Adult I – Room 107

Senior Adults


  • Senior Women I – Room 106
  • Senior Women II – Room 1000
  • Senior Men I – Room 1003
  • Senior Men II – Room 1001